From packaging to branding

With the largest selection of in-house packaging in the private label industry, Martinni Beauty offers an extensive gallery to choose from. We offer the flexibility to mix and match between packaging styles so you are assured of the right presentation for your clientele. We also offer many upgraded features such as bilingual label, color coding by skin type or product category, custom names and descriptions, enabling you a direct tie-in with your signature treatments and services. In some cases we also work with client supplied packaging should you wish to intergrate our formulations into your existing product line.

More than just beauty

Martinni Beauty brings your brand to life.


  • 4 product lines appealing to varying client needs
  • 4 colors, high resolution, fully labeled product (no over label)
  • Attractive, in stock packaging option
  • Free business mentoring & educational opportunities

How it works

We are looking for international distributors.

Apply to see new possibility. Martinni Beauty will be your partner.