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Lighten + Brighten

Breakthrough products minimize the look of dark spots, restoring skin to its natural state of beauty.  Reverse years of sun damage, age spots, melasma and uneven texture. LA BLANCH works to reduce the markers of discoloration including post acne blemishes. Plant rich proprietary VITA BLU essence combined with trusted lightening and brightening ingredients provide translucent results. LA BLANCH supports natural surface cell turn over for a more even and brighter skin tone that recaptures clarity. Dull, lackluster skin becomes radiant and luminous.

All products are made to be free of perfume, paraben & alcohol and always cruelty-free. We find deep purpose in dedicating time to each formula and making sure we are able to eliminate the “dirty dozen”, making each product as safe and intentional as possible.  Keeping innovation and trend top of mind, we use nutrient rich plants, peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals combined with proprietary VITA BLU to make LA BLANCH the skin brightening collection that offers restoration and rejuvenation.