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AHA + BHA Smooth Radiance Ampoule


Recommended usage: 2-3 times a week
1 Box contains 10 ampoules
You can also use it after treatments such as microneedling or microdermabrasion.

Resurfaces, Replenishes, Tones & Revitalizes, Reduces the Appearance of Lines , Wrinkles & Blemishes

Model: VB3035
Shipping Weight: 0.66lbs
Manufactured by: Martinni

AHA + BHA Smooth Radiance Ampoule with Glycolic Acid + Vitamin C
AHA BHA helps renew, tighten and improve skin texture targeting dull, dry and sagging skin. It resurfaces and rejuvenates while hydrating and nourishing a devitalized complexion. Fruit extracts promote skin health and improve elasticity reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Effectively removes build-up dead skin cells, clears pores, tones, smooths and refines while minimizing irritations and promoting cell renewal. The skin is plumped and firmed for a luminous glow.

10 (.17 fl. oz. /5 mL)

Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Vita Blu Complex

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